BREAKING: Manchester United players received heartbreaking Eric Ten Hag news this morning   

BREAKING: Manchester United players received heartbreaking Eric Ten Hag news this morning 


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 Jonny Evans of Manchester United looks dejected after conceding a goal.

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Tim de Lisle

Tue 12 Dec 2023 22.07 GMT

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22.07 GMT

United’s season so far: played 24, won 11, drawn 1, lost 12. It’s pretty damning.


Updated at 22.07 GMT

22.05 GMT

United finish bottom of the group with a feeble four points from six games. The frustrating thing is that Bayern have been so dominant that not many points were needed to squeeze through in second. Copenhagen have done it with eight, after winning two, drawing two and losing two. United really blew it when they threw away those leads in the earlier games. All told they managed only one win – and even that hinged on a last-minute penalty save from Onana.


Updated at 22.05 GMT

22.00 GMT

“It’s so unfair,” says Alun Pugh. “Teams finishing bottom of their CL group should surely be offered a place in the Lancashire Sunday League?”


Updated at 22.00 GMT

21.59 GMT

United played better, but they had no real bite. Bayern were comfortable throughout and clinical for one minute. And United didn’t just lose the game: they lost Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw to injury.


“It’s been a really poor campaign,” says Paul Scholes. “[Though] you have to say in some games they looked very good. Tonight was probably the most disciplined performance of all of them.” Yes, but what they gained in discipline, they lost in derring-do. It was more a case of derring-don’t.


Updated at 21.59 GMT

21.56 GMT

FULL TIME! Man United 0-1 Bayern

United are out of Europe! And deservedly so, as they have lost four games in the group for the first time in their history. A few boos ring out.



Hannibal’s face says it all. Manchester United are out. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters

Updated at 21.57 GMT

21.54 GMT

90+3 min Hannibal, who’s been busy on the left, wins a free kick, but United can’t do anything with it. Fernandes looks exhausted.


Updated at 21.54 GMT

21.53 GMT

90+2 min Copenhagen have won! They go through in second place. United need two goals in three minutes just to reach the Europa.


Updated at 21.53 GMT

21.51 GMT

90+1 min United win a corner.


Updated at 21.51 GMT

21.50 GMT

90 min There will be five more minutes. Sane goes off, to be replaced by Guerreiro.


Updated at 21.50 GMT

21.49 GMT

89 min The Bayern fans are singing… “Football’s coming home.” The German sense of humour is alive and well.


Updated at 21.49 GMT

21.48 GMT

87 min Fernandes chips a free kick in. Evans gets his head to it, but Bayern are able to clear.


Updated at 21.48 GMT

21.47 GMT

87 min United’s plan is clear: they’re waiting for Fergie time.


Updated at 21.47 GMT

21.46 GMT

87 min Fernandes, dropping deep, aims a long hopeful crossfield ball towards Pellistri. Neuer sees it coming a mile off.


Updated at 21.46 GMT

21.45 GMT

85 min Mainoo, oozing promise, finds Dalot in a position that is promising too. He’s in the inside-left channel, but he doesn’t quite know what to do when he gets there. United need two goals plus one from Galatasaray, who have just had their 13th shot of the night in Copenhagen, and first on target.


Updated at 21.45 GMT

21.43 GMT

82 min Free kick to Bayern, well cleared by Jonny Evans. Bayern get a corner and Kane has a free header from the penalty spot, steered just wide.


Updated at 21.43 GMT

21.41 GMT

80 min Mainoo plus an elegant switch and follows it up with two rock-solid tackles. “He’s going to be a proper player,” says Owen Hargreaves.


Updated at 21.41 GMT

21.40 GMT

78 min In nearly 80 minutes, United have had one shot on target. Erik ten Hag is about to play his final card: Kobbie Mainoo, presumably replacing Amrabat – no, hang on, it’s for Varane, so maybe Amrabat will drop into defence. And none of the back four who started for United are still in the same position.


Updated at 21.40 GMT

21.37 GMT

77 min Kingsley Coman is given a breather after landing that killer blow. On comes Mathys Tel, hailed as a “great finisher” by Owen Hargreaves.


The goalscorer Kingsley Coman comes off for Bayern. Photograph: Adam Vaughan/EPA

Updated at 21.49 GMT

21.36 GMT

75 min A melancholy record for United: they are the first English club ever to concede 15 goals in a Champions League group. They have scored 12, but it hasn’t been enough.


Updated at 21.36 GMT

21.34 GMT

74 min United subs approaching: Pellistri and Hannibal. For both the wingers, Antony and Garnacho.


Updated at 21.34 GMT

21.33 GMT

72 min Chance for United! Onana takes route one to Dalot, overlapping down the left. He’s in the box, but Neuer is so quick to smother him.


Updated at 21.33 GMT

21.32 GMT

69 min United were a bit sloppy in midfield, and Bayern pounced. Three or four classy cases, the last of them from Harry Kane, and Coman was clean through, able to take his time and slot the ball into the left-hand corner as he looked. Onana had no chance.


Updated at 21.32 GMT

21.31 GMT

GOAL!!! United 0-1 Bayern (Coman 70)

Kingsley Coman scores … and very possibly boots United out of Europe.


Kingsley Coman has surely knocked Manchester United out of europe! Photograph: Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Getty Images

Updated at 21.39 GMT

21.28 GMT

67 min On comes Thomas Muller, replacing Musiala. At 34, he is 13 years older than any forward or midfielder on United’s bench.


“How is Copenhagen scoring BAD for United?” asks David Goldiner. “Aren’t they now going to EUROPA as things stand?” Sadly not, because the only team they could catch with a point was Copenhagen – until they scored. This is because of head-to-head results.


Updated at 21.28 GMT

21.24 GMT

62 min Onana takes route one to Hojlund, who thinks he’s through. Rasmus, have you met Manuel? He’s an ancient sweeper keeper who can just take the ball off you with his chest.


Updated at 21.24 GMT

21.22 GMT

62 min Bayern are now bossing the possession, but they haven’t had a shot this half – until now. Kane sets up Kimmich, who takes aim for Row Z.


Updated at 21.22 GMT

21.21 GMT

60 min Cometh the hour, cometh a yellow card for Amrabat. Fair enough – he tripped Musiala, 40 yards out.


It’s a well-deserved yellow card for Sofyan Amrabat for his trip on Jamal Musiala. Photograph: Martin Rickett/PA

Updated at 21.28 GMT

21.20 GMT

59 min Hojlund makes his first meaningful contribution – touch and spin, lay it off to Antony. He finds McTominay in a great position which he can’t make use of: when he should shoot, he ends up poking a through ball to Garnacho, who isn’t expecting it. Shame.


Updated at 21.20 GMT

21.19 GMT

58 min Bayern see some more of the ball as United’s fans digest the news from Copenhagen. United now need two goals – one here and one from Galatasary, who do usually have a comeback in them.


Updated at 21.19 GMT

21.16 GMT

A goal for Copenhagen!

56 min Copenhagen take the lead at home to Galatasaray. That’s bad news for United.


Lukas Lerager scores for Copenhagen against Galatasaray. As it stands, the danish side are through. Photograph: Mateusz Słodkowski/Getty Images

Updated at 21.26 GMT

21.15 GMT

54 min Fernandes, playing further forward now, presses well in league with Hojlund and gets a shot away that goes just wide of the far post.


“I’m always puzzled,” says David Wall, “by the conflicting demands expected of United. People, often their own supporters, pick out any number of their players to say they’re not good enough and shouldn’t be anywhere near the side. But then they also express outrage when that team, containing all of those players they don’t rate, don’t steam-roller all opposition. It doesn’t seem that both expectations can be true – either all the players are crap so you can’t expect them to win, or you can expect them to win because most of the players are pretty good.” It’s a fair point, but are other sets of fans any more logical?


Updated at 21.15 GMT

21.12 GMT

51 min United may even have had more of the ball this half. Some decent passing from McTominay et al sends Garnacho away and his cross is a good sharp one, left-footed, well defended by Kim.


Updated at 21.12 GMT

21.11 GMT

50 min Amrabat has started this half well, not just tidying up but starting moves. This one Peters out when Jonny Evans, venturing forwards, can’t find anyone to pass to, and he has the same problem a moment later.


Updated at 21.11 GMT

21.09 GMT

49 min Chance for Fernandes! Antony sets Wan-Bissaka down the right and he plays a nice cut-back. The shot from the D is just too high.


He’s either moaning or shooting, this time it’s the latter from Bruno Fernandes. Just over the bar from the Manchester United captain. Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Action Images/Reuters

Updated at 21.14 GMT

21.07 GMT

47 min United get a glimmer as Fernandes sends Antony into the area, only for Kim to make a fine sliding tackle. He and Upamecano have been very strong.


Updated at 21.08 GMT

21.06 GMT

46 min United kick off, Bayern grab the ball very swiftly and Dalot, in his new station on the left, is relieved to see it go out for a throw.


Updated at 21.06 GMT

21.05 GMT

Tuchel makes a change too. Konrad Laimer comes on for Mazraoui at right-back. So Alphonso Davies is the only full-back still in the same place as at the start.


Updated at 21.05 GMT

21.04 GMT

Luke Shaw is thought to be coming off, with Aaron Wan-Bissaka out there warming up and Diogo Dalot expected to move to the left. So United, already beset with injuries, have picked up two more tonight.


Updated at 21.04 GMT

21.03 GMT

“Just before Jonny Evans came on,” says Justin Kavanagh, “the two Spanish-language commentators on Univision (here in the USA) spent about 10 minutes rhapsodizing through the names of the great Alex Ferguson teams. They say there’s no future in nostalgia, but United should give recent signings such as Evans and Ronaldo special Back to the Future edition DeLoreans to park where Denis Law once parked that Jag. BTW thanks for a terrific story, Eric Anderson.”


Updated at 21.03 GMT

21.00 GMT

United’s Champions League marksman has been kept very quiet.


Rasmus Hojlund had just 9 touches in the first half vs. Bayern, fewer than any other player on the pitch.


Need to get him involved!!! 🫣🫣🫣


— Statman Dave (@StatmanDave) December 12, 2023

Updated at 21.00 GMT

20.59 GMT

“Hook Antony and McTominay,” says Pramith Pillai, “and put in Mainoo and Pellistri. This is bad but not as bad as it could have been.” I’m sticking to my line that it’s been OK. Staying in the game against a far stronger opponent.


Updated at 20.59 GMT

20.57 GMT

“What the hell is wrong with Bruno Fernandes?” asks Peter Tomlin. “He’s a decent player but spends so much time screaming & rolling around on the pitch then immediately jumping up & whining when he doesn’t get a free kick! He really needs to cut this out because it’s making him look like a spoilt brat.” Harsh but fair. He’s so bad with refs – that alone is a reason for him not to be captain next season.


The calming midfield presence of Bruno Fernandes. Photograph: Martin Rickett/PA

Updated at 21.02 GMT

20.55 GMT

“A friend wonders,” says Kim Thonger, “if anyone has ever watched a game between Bayern Munich and Manchester United, say for example, a Champions League Final in Barcelona, from a Warsaw hotel room in their underpants, while on a conference call with American colleagues. Not a video call obviously, the friend didn’t have that option in those days and the colleagues were not in the hotel room, for the avoidance of doubt, they were in the USA. No particular reason for asking (for the friend), he just wondered.” Ha.


Updated at 20.55 GMT

20.54 GMT

The other game is 0-0 too at half-time. So United are still down – in fact bottom of the group, a point behind both Copenhagen and Galatasaray – but not out. And they have acquitted themselves decently against the best team in the group, possibly the whole continent. United have been compact rather than chaotic. But they’ve lost Harry Maguire and you’d have to say that Bayern have looked far more threatening. They’ve had 55pc of the ball and two of the three shots on target. United are winning only on corners (3-1), but at least they’re hanging in there.


Updated at 20.54 GMT

20.49 GMT

HALF-TIME Man United 0-0 Bayern Munich

News flash: Man United are not out of the Champions League yet.


Updated at 20.49 GMT

20.48 GMT

45+2 min United have a good little spell with Dalot wiggling all the way from one flank to the other. But – you’ve guessed it – nothing comes of it.


Updated at 20.48 GMT

20.47 GMT

45+1 min Kane has a shot from the edge of the area, blocked by Fernandes. He has provided at least some of the discipline that Paul Scholes was demanding.


Updated at 20.47 GMT

20.45 GMT

45 min There will be three extra minutes. Shaw hurls himself into a tackle, so maybe it was a false alarm.


Updated at 20.45 GMT

20.45 GMT

44 min Ah no … Luke Shaw is looking indisposed too. Hamstring, Darren Fletcher reckons.


Updated at 20.45 GMT

20.44 GMT

42 min So Evans is on, joining Varane in a decidedly elderly pairing. A United attack founders as Antony and Dalot fail to cross between them. but then Garnacho, fed by McTominay, goes on his first good run of the game. It comes to nothing but cheers the crowd, who love a teenage winger.


Updated at 20.44 GMT

20.40 GMT

Maguire goes off

39 min Maguire comes back on, at right-back, but it’s clearly hopeless. He gets a warm hand from the crowd, and that’s a real shame. He’s been United’s best player for the past month, and they’ve got to go to Anfield on Sunday.


Updated at 20.40 GMT


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