Why I was SACKED by Liverpool FC this morning – Former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed 

Why I was SACKED by Liverpool FC this morning – Former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp revealed 


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The Reds could now realistically finish this season outside the European places. BeSoccer

Liverpool has hit a rough patch in 2023, and the Reds could now realistically finish this season outside the European places.


What a fall from grace this has been, considering that they nearly won four trophies at the end of the 2021/2022 season.


Jurgen Klopp’s men reached the final of the Champions League and took the Premier League title race to the last day of the season while winning the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup.


However, after losing some players to injury and selling, most notably Sadio Mane, the Reds are now enduring arguably their worst spell in the last few seasons.


Many things have combined to work against Klopp’s team, including the surprising departure of Mane to Bayern Munich. The persistent injuries to Roberto Firmino and the constant goal misses from Darwin Nunez, among others.


This Liverpool team is so different from the one we have become used to. A team that pushes Manchester City for the title every season and beats several top sides in the Champions League.


The Reds remain one of the top clubs in the land, but there is no hiding from the fact that this is the worst Liverpool team we have had in years.


When a club underperforms, the person who usually pays the ultimate price is the manager and understandably, some fans have already started calling for Klopp to leave.


It is an agitation that seems ridiculous to some supporters and even pundits, but that is normal in the world of football.


A manager’s job is as safe as his team’s recent performances. When their form dips, the manager must get it up and running again, or he will be sacked, which is why some fans want Klopp to leave, but can Liverpool afford to lose the former Borussia Dortmund man?


No better replacement


The likes of Mauricio Pochettino, Thomas Tuchel and Zinedine Zidane are currently unattached and are attractive managers.


However, we can boldly say none of them can fill the shoes of the German because there is only one Klopp in the world and he is tailor-made for Liverpool at the moment.


The former Mainz coach joined the club when it was at one of its lowest points when he could have become the manager of bigger clubs around Europe, who were interested in him at the time.


However, he became the Reds’ boss, took up an unenviable task at the time and led the club to success in the Premier League and Champions League, among others.


But it is not just the trophies he won and the heights he has taken the club that makes him different, but the special bond he has created with the fans and his players at Anfield.


Any new man who becomes the next coach of Liverpool will struggle to get the support that Klopp has at the club now, which will make achieving success very difficult for them.


Form in temporary


There is a big difference between class and form in football and Liverpool is a world-class club, run by some of the best hands in the business.


Under Klopp, the Reds remain a force, but considering their position on the league table now, one will think they are simply a mediocre side.


That may be true in terms of their current form, but their form is temporary, and class is permanent. We must remember this.


Not so long ago, Liverpool lost many key players to injuries and was on a bad run of form, which even required their goalkeeper to score the winning goal in a league game against West Brom.


But when their form got better they still finished that season inside the top three, which shows their ability to make stunning comebacks.


There is no guarantee that the Reds will make the top four this season, which is still mathematically possible. But Klopp is able to turn around Liverpool’s season and help them go on a long winning run as they have done in the past. This is what world-class clubs do.


So sacking the gaffer now because the team is having a tough time is a poor decision and could affect the sale of Liverpool tickets.


He has earned more time.


Jurgen Klopp earned Liverpool their league title after 30 years and made them the only club that could compete with Manchester City for the league title for several seasons.


The German’s side has also reached the final of the Champions three times between 2018 and 2022, winning the 2019 edition in a very impressive fashion.


Because of Klopp, Liverpool is now one of the most valuable football franchises in the world, and the Reds are one club anyone would love to support by buying their tickets at seatsnet.com.


Managers have done better, but for the last three decades, Liverpool has not had a manager who will put them on the map as much as Klopp has done.


The German has only brought joy to the club’s fans since he has been the club’s gaffer, and he certainly has earned the right to remain the manager for some time, and there really is no need to change him just because his team is going through a difficult spell at the moment.


A new manager will require more time to bring success back to the club, and that could lead to another change, which means the club could now enter a period where it is changing managers almost every season just to get back the successful period it enjoyed before now.


He signed most of the squad members.


Every manager knows the type of team he wants and goes on to invest in players who will fit into what he wants to create.


Klopp has sold almost every player he met at Anfield and has rebuilt the Liverpool side to his taste. So if a new manager arrives, the club must undergo a major rebuilding job, which will require spending more money than they will want.


When the German has a fully-fit squad, this Liverpool team will be unstoppable, so it does not make any sense that the club will change him now.


Unless they have decided to move in a different direction in the long term with a new manager, and have the resources to splash the cash on a different set of players entirely.


Klopp is Liverpool’s biggest asset


A team is bigger than one individual, but a manager is the most important person in every football club. This is one reason the coach gets sacked first when things begin to go wrong.


Klopp has been the backbone of this Liverpool side. He turned the club’s fans into believers and delivered the promise he made at his unveiling. His players step on the pitch and give their very bests because they play for the former Borussia Dortmund man.


Even the club’s owners do not hesitate to bolster their squad with new men because they know if he has the right players, the results will come automatically.


Separating an individual as important as this from the club is not an easy decision and more importantly, it is not a wise one.


Liverpool will get back to form when their players who are on the sidelines because of different injuries are fit again, and they will need Klopp to lead the group back into another successful period.


Sacking him will bring prolonged pain than what the club is suffering now, and he just needs a little more time to turn the situation around.



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