Why we scrapped VAR from all Premier League game – English FA board members

Why we scrapped VAR from all Premier League game – English FA board members

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Postecoglou says VAR should be scrapped as technology not suitable for football

07 Oct / autty

Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou believes VAR should be scrapped in the Premier League amid the ongoing debate around the use of the technology.


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Spurs claimed a hugely controversial 2-1 victory over Liverpool last Saturday after Luis Diaz’s goal in the 34th-minute at 0-0 was incorrectly ruled out for offside, with the Professional Game Match Officials Limited subsequently admitting a “significant human error” had occurred.


Postecoglou believes the mistake was a result of the VAR room rushing their decision to prevent a long delay which disrupts the “frenetic pace” of football.


Asked whether VAR should be scrapped, the Australian responded: “I would in its current form. I just don’t think that technology is ready for our game.


“I’ve got zero against goal-line technology. It’s a no-brainer and it works for our game.


“Our game is unique. People say, ‘Let’s get referees explaining their decisions’. Oh my God – seriously? Could you imagine sitting there listening to a referee explaining every decision in the game?


“I’m going to the gridiron on Sunday – I love American football. But it’s three and a half hours. The measure of who was a good referee was the ones you never noticed and now we’re trying to make them the stars of the show.


“We’re analysing, in slow motion, yellow cards. We, as managers and players, are the worst for it because we talk about integrity but I bet if you watch a game tonight, the first throw-in, both teams will appeal for it. We’re trying to take advantage and there’s nothing wrong with that.


“With VAR, the more we use it the worse it’s going to get. Clear and obvious error? It seems like everything is getting scrutinised.


“It’s not our game. We’re not rugby – we don’t have those stoppages. What I always loved about our game – especially in England – was the frenetic pace. Why are we trying to take that out? None of us liked it when they were taking too long over a decision and last week it sounded like they were rushing it. Maybe that’s a consequence.


“That suggests to me the technology in its current form is not suitable to our game but I know I’ll be in the minority with that.”


He added: “I don’t know what the game’s going to look like in 20 years and I’m not sure I’m going to like it.”


Ange: Klopp wrong to suggest replay

On Wednesday Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp suggested the game against Tottenham should be replayed after Diaz’s goal was wrongly disallowed by the video assistant referee.


But Postecoglou disagrees with the German’s calls for a replay.


Postecoglou said: “There’s got to be some sort of threshold and I don’t think a mistake is the threshold for that.


“If we strayed into integrity or misappropriation of the law then maybe there’s something there, but ultimately, when you strip it all back, it was a mistake.


“It was unique and unprecedented, but it was still a mistake.


“If your threshold for a replay is mistakes by individuals, then that’s 365 games a year I reckon.”


Sky Sports News understands any request by Liverpool to replay the match would be rejected.


Postecoglou: Unlikely Spurs would let Liverpool score after VAR error

Postecoglou also said it is unlikely he would have allowed Liverpool to score after Diaz’s goal was wrongly disallowed against them.


Asked if he would have let Liverpool score had the officials given him the chance, Postecoglou said: “I just don’t see that.


“If we want managers to be the arbiters of these kind of things… we’ve got pretty hefty responsibilities at our football clubs but we’re not the custodians.


“I wouldn’t make a decision that could potentially send a club down on the back of what my beliefs are.


“In that moment, if somebody could tell me that they could explain everything that went on within the prism of 30 seconds… I have to make a decision and it wasn’t going to happen.


“It’s different if it’s something clear. It was a bad error through a lack of communication but it wasn’t something that was easily explainable. If it was easily explainable, I would assume there would have been more uproar than there was.”


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10-09 09:35

Do you think you gonna score if tht goal should be counted Coz Liverpool won’t also give you the chance to score and the second red card won’t have happened Liverpool even managed to get to 90+6 with 9 man how would you score At worst the game is gonna end draw with that last own goal


betaiortu 0

10-09 04:46

just keep refining..there is no perfect system. and I am a Liverpool fan. so instead of ‘check complete ‘ change to ‘offside, no goal’ or ‘no offside, goal stands’ simple


bueaiostz 0

10-08 06:38

deliberate mistake


Illyrian 0

10-08 03:53

VAR is OK, you just scrap incompetent officials…



10-08 02:40

I was in no way paid for this promotion



10-08 02:40

Visit Saudi land of the 1000 camels



10-08 02:39

Technology works in the camel riding



10-08 02:12

He is mad, it’s like Advocating against the use of vehicles, because of accidents. It’s about the drivers, 90% of the time


Yebblnstyz 0

10-08 00:39

This culprit wants to erase evidence ….



10-07 23:35

Not yet, though it has killed a lot of games but it has done more good than harm to the league.



10-07 23:31

This fat guy is lying the absence of VAR in football made some useless teams to look as good teams which were winning through offsides and offenses like Man U and Liverpool and many more…



10-07 23:30

Technology is important the only problem is English premier league referees are partial in officiating matches furthermore they’re not train and qualify to operate the VAR.


riykstuy 1

10-07 22:47

Clueless Manager wait until it goes against you then you will feel the pain



10-07 22:44

I love the use of VAR but I do not like the way it is organized at the moment! We do not need VAR room attendants! VAR is meant to be a digital assistant to the human ref and his assistants. So the examination and interpretation of VAR records should be left to the Referee alone and he should only consult the digital system under the following circumstances: 1. If there is contradiction between the ref and his assistant. 2. If the captain of a team raises complaint to the ref about a bad or lack of decision about a certain happening. 3. If a player complains about rough play on himself, which the ref or his assistants might not have noticed e.g. elbowing and such other incidents. Those VAR room attendants are ALWAYS the cause of contradiction in decisions the ref makes from VAR interpretations.


brawn54 1

10-07 22:38

things have been better since the introduction of var, var has made so many good decisions



10-07 22:34

It shouldn’t be scrapped because VAR is now a Spurs sponsor.



10-07 22:34

without VAR Messi will still be in Baca to win 5 more champions league



10-07 22:24

this man is useless oo, see if not for var man united will still be ruling epl. the computer do not press it self, human being do operate it, so if they the var operator press it well it will give the correct answer. they the spurs couldn’t put ball in our net 10 against 8men


OnyekeAudu 0

10-07 22:23

Breaking News: Ange says scrap the VAR? Where are the journalist?



10-07 22:21

If not for VAR Barca would have had 8 CL trophies by now 😂😂😂



10-07 22:18

it is rubbry, I have seen var call on ref to stop delay games for a proper check, I mean they have all the time in world to check very well. football is all about goals some one had scored a goal this where var should concentrate on very well. they were too fast in in ruling out that goal by Dias



10-07 22:13

Some of these managers speak like laymen! How many good decisions have come out via the use of VAR vs bad ones since it was introduced? I think the ratio of good:bad decisions can be >3:1. Interpretation of VAR is not VAR itself. So why blame VAR for human errors which distorts the excellent performance of VAR (the digital system) which was aptly developed to replace the once purely human, subjective and often intentionally wrongly made decisions to fulfill certain interests? Going forward, we should be talking about how can we improve VAR decision e.g. minimizing human participation in the final decision. Eliminating VAR now will be making huge leaps backwards!



10-07 22:07

Postecoglou is a much, much more wiser & realistic coach than Klopp will ever be. With Klopp, it’s just brash, heat of the moment inaccurate talk with never ending excuses / blame game when things don’t go Liverpool’s way




10-07 22:04

no matter what game will be not replayed just concentrate to the games you are remained with stop making noise if mistake has been made nothing you can do apart from fogging ahead


catorn 0

10-07 21:45

Even while growing up… tricks are part of the game.


Omarnor 0

10-07 21:22


Why don’t they hire indian referees or foreign VAR officials to prevent games being rigged? enough said


I agree, that’s was not a mistake they just didn’t want to give Liverpool that goal an to be honest in that game ref giving many calls to Tottenham and almost no calls fore Liverpool I watched the whole game


conaeilpru 0

10-07 21:06

it happened before but I didn’t see a replay 😕



10-07 20:54

I agree with this man, when I started watching football, some decisions went for you and some against, teams were discussed and tactics, and the controversy was intriguing, now it’s all about hating on the officials for marginal mistakes, I would much rather have a free flowing, man managed game, as it was intended, yes there will be mistakes, but as humans that’s part of existence, and that rubbish claim of a team going down based on a bad decision, they didn’t do enough over 38 games


JotaroKujo 2

10-07 19:56

Why don’t they hire indian referees or foreign VAR officials to prevent games being rigged? enough said



10-07 19:54

what ever you say, game should be replay..or draw 2-2


Zyrazym 0

10-07 19:52


Its not a significant human error, its a purposely made error





10-07 19:01

Its not a significant human error, its a purposely made error


taaoprsyz 1

10-07 18:54

after it helped him but wouldn’t be man enough to give lfc a goal!!!! COWARD


cizceikruy 1

10-07 18:17

scared of a replay


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