R.I.P😭: Popular Former Arsenal player THIERRY HENRY died this morning as cause of his death revealed

R.I.P😭: Popular Former Arsenal player THIERRY HENRY died this morning as cause of his death revealed

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R.I.P. Ex-Arsenal player Jose Antonio Reyes has died in a car crash, aged 35

01 Jun / StanLee

Former Arsenal, Sevilla and Real Madrid player Jose Antonio Reyes has died in a car crash, aged 35, Spanish club Sevilla have announced.


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“We couldn’t be confirming worse news,” said Sevilla on Twitter.


Jose Antonio Reyes was a Spanish professional footballer who played mainly as a left winger.


He made his professional debut for Sevilla at only 16, signing for Arsenal in January 2004. He became one of the ‘Invincibles’ when Arsenal won the Premier League title undefeated in 2003-04 season.


He returned to Spain after two years, going on to represent the two largest clubs in Madrid, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, and winning La Liga with the former.


Reyes rejoined Sevilla late in his career and winning the Europa League three times in a row from 2014 to 2016, for a record total of five.


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Reyes earned 21 caps for Spain and represented the nation at the 2006 World Cup.


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2019-06-02 06:13

Oh my goodness.. How could this happen… I still remember when we were in a sports shop in Knightsbridge 2004, a young Jose Antonio Reyes was in there, my wife gave me a pen and my two sons and I got his autograph… a minute later, a tap on my shoulder, it was Jose, in broken English “you forgot your pen sir”. RIP Antonio, you will be always in our hearts



2019-06-02 06:37

Jose Antonio Reyes was the first Arsenal player I met outside of a match. Very sad to hear he has sadly passed away today. I was 15, in Wood Green’s Footlocker when I saw him walk in with his family. He’d just joined Arsenal and I was excited beyond reason. By the time I summed up the courage to ask for this autograph, he’d already left the store. I was distraught. Quickly, I asked one the members of staff for a pen and chased him down the street screaming “REYES! REYES! WAIT!” After catching up with him, he looked a bit perplexed… He didn’t speak English so i just pointed at the pen. Again he looked confused, so I took off my jumper to reveal my Arsenal shirt. He said “Ohhhh” and something else in Spanish that made his family laugh, with that cheeky grin of his. Of course he signed it. Genuinely one of the happiest moments of my life 💔 Also, I kinda looked like him growing up. Back in secondary school, a lot of younger kids called me “Reyes”. Very sad day today.



2019-06-02 03:06




2019-06-02 03:08




2019-06-02 03:07

RIP my friend🙏🙏🙏


perqasa 321

2019-06-02 03:10

Such a tragic news.. RIP 😢



2019-06-02 03:07

!!!!!!! Jesus Christ!



2019-06-02 03:29

not another one. whats happening this year? too many tragic news in football world. may his soul rest in peace. #ouricon



2019-06-02 03:08

May his soul Rest In Peace ☮️….your legacy lives forever…😭😭😭



2019-06-02 03:08

Only 35? 😔 Rest In Peace Antonio



2019-06-02 03:09

Oh my one how comes from happiness to sadness we all expect UCL final today everyone is happy and this era arrives unexpectedly… we paid tribute to you 😔😔😔



2019-06-02 03:13

It’s so sad that the football world has been crying lately despite the great comeback matches. The place crash of Sala, the heart attack of Casillas and now Reyes is gone. Let us send prayers of strength to the family. R.I.P Reyes



2019-06-02 03:22

Died at the age of 35 Oh God. May his soul rest in peace. That’s all what we can do Very sad to hear these type of news especially from football world



2019-06-02 03:28

How can you console your minds, Fans? 35 years old very short but achieved more. UCL final may be delicated to You. Liverpool and Tottenham and Fans remember you.


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